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Coaching Connections LLC. empowers people with disabilities to set and achieve personally meaningful life goals. Our clients and their families are not passive recipients of support services, but are encouraged to participate in choosing services to build confidence and independence. 



Our coaches work to help empower our clients by assisting them to complete tasks within the community, by improving their skills and increasing their independence. A mentor will provide assistance with  activities such as: 

  • maintaining personal hygiene

  • picking the appropriate clothing options

  •  preparing and consuming meals

  • completing daily errands

  • attending events in the community.

    •  This includes volunteering and recreation within the community.



The purpose of any Supported Employment agency is to provide the necessary assistance to seek, interview, enter and maintain competitive employment. At Coaching-Connections we go beyond job placement; we are there every step of the way to assist you in your long-term job success.


Our Coaches will work closely with you to provide this assistance based upon your interests, abilities, and the type of working environment you are interested in. Your Coach will help facilitate your success through the following services:


  • Employment preparation,

  • Exploration and Job development

  • Intensive Employment Support

  • Continued Follow-Along support 

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